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We've Expanded the Menu!

12 New Dishes and an All-New Kids Menu

It's still January and winter has a little longer to go, but you can say that spring has started early at MESA MERCADO: Last week, we introduced a very expanded menu that features 12 new dishes and an all-new kids menu!

The decision to expand the menu was quite simple: You asked for it! Ever since opening our doors late last summer, one consistent suggestion has been that we needed to add more dishes. This was both from first-time guests that felt the menu was a bit too short and from regular guests that wanted to experience even more!

For that matter, the same applied to our kids menu. Going out to eat is a great opportunity for families to spend time together, and this is especially true for the family-oriented Carmichael community.

So, let's check out what's new and different!

Two new "To Start" appetizers

Queso Fundido

This is going to really be a treat for cheese lovers! Basically a more flavorable version of "Mexican cheese dip," ours features melted queso Oaxaca, rajas and corn—and of course, a side of blue corn tortilla chips for dipping. Needless to say, it goes very well with a cold cerveza!


The best way to describe this is "roasted corn off the cob." Served in a bowl with crema, queso fresco, and cotija cheese, it comes with blue corn tortillas chips for piling on!

Two new "Introduction" small plates

Tamal de Mercado

This replaces our "tamales dulces," which admittedly, was a bit confusing to people that weren't expecting a sweet and and unstuffed tamale that might be more at home on a dessert menu.

Our new tamale is prepared in the more familiar style—available in one of three ways: 

  • Mushroom and green tomatillo sauce
  • Cheese and rajas with red sauce and crema
  • Pork with mole sauce

Mango Starter Salad

Along with being a new vegetarian option, this new dish is perhaps a potential alternative to those that liked having a relatively sweeter dish—such as the "tamales dulces"—to start a meal.

Three new "Soups & Stews"

Pozole Rojo

Do you love the heartiness of a great stew? If so, you will want to try this timeless simmered pork and hominy (large corn kernels) stew with a Mexican flair.


If you've never had what is essentially a Mexican meatball stew, you simply will have to try this one! It's a classic dish and very filling.

Caldo de Res

Response to our "Caldo de Cosecha" vegetable soup has been very positive, so we decided to make a version of it that includes tender beef chunks.

Three New "¡Tacos!" (and Burritos and Enchiladas)


Marinated skirt steak, poblano chile strips, roasted corn and cream make this a very indulgent meal!

Al Pastor

Also served as a burrito or enchilada, this features our roasted, marinated pork and grilled pineapple salsa.

Wild Alaskan Cod

Not much else to say except that this is our new signature fish taco!

Two New "The Show" entrees

Chicken Enchiladas

The same amazing enchilada from our original menu, but now with a choice of sauces (and yes, you can select as many as you wish!):

  • Green tomatillo
  • Red guajillo
  • Mole

Chile Relleno de Queso

Another Mexican classic that just needs to be experienced! A roasted poblano pepper is stuffed with cheese, fried, and then topped with tomato sauce ans sour cream!

One More Thing!

If you haven't been to MESA MERCADO in a few weeks, you'll notice another change: We've been making lots of additions and improvements to the interior! There's more art, more color, more warmth...and with Insight Coffee now open, there's no more ugly wall outside the dining area! 

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