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Why is Mango a Free Appetizer and Not Chips and Salsa?

If you've been to MESA MERCADO, perhaps one of the first things you'll notice after you are seated is that we don't automatically serve the typical heaping bowl of tortilla chips and salsa. Instead, we greet you with a free plate of freshly cut mango!

To some, this might seem unusual...after all, isn't chips and salsa a standard at any Mexican restaurant?

Perhaps the first answer is that MESA MERCADO isn't your ordinary Mexican restaurant. Along with striving to provide authenticity (chips and salsa are not always automatically served at restaurants in Mexico; it highly depends on a variety of factors, such as region), we also strive to provide some creativity—which means straying from some of the usual norms with "going out for Mexican food."

Along with being a popular appetizer and snack in Mexico, mango is a delicious fruit and a great way to excite your palette before ordering your drinks and food. And honestly: We all could use a little more fruit (and vegetables) in our diet!

Of course, we do serve chips and salsa, however, it's a menu item that must be ordered. And, because it's a menu item, it's something that should be savored and enjoyed as much as any other dish...which is why it is served with three unique salsas and a relatively scaled down portion of chips. Because as delicious as it is, it would be a shame to fill up on that when you have so many more exciting dishes you can order for your meal!



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